Feb. 6th, 2011

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Prisoners doing Shakespeare. In, for example, Moscow. What a wonderful idea.

Am writing fanfiction for The Take which is amazing because there's probably nobody else in the fandom, so I have to just not bother with getting stagefright or blurting out whatever and running away. It's oddly fun to write Freddie the psychotic psychopath (madness without dementia... with a touch of dementia) and Jimmy. And compensating for the crap narrative with my own crap narrative (e.g. Jimmy is such a slip of a character and such a plot device because that's what Freddie thinks and not because that's... who he is. But Maggie's not like that and Jackie's not like that yeah shh and it all just babbles).

Also, the homosexualist subplot runs through the entire series. It's not old school British homosexuality (witty/grumpy/laughble mess of a/generally just setting off gaydars man standing around and not being full engaged with his wife) or like the more decent shows these days (... characters who are out). There's clip of Freddie kissing Jimmy in the title sequence, but it's a hard... awkward and not romantic event, and the rest of it is just series of moments and subtext. They're just wonderfully unreal characters and Tom Hardy does his best but there's just not much substance there though there's a gritty, fascinating facade. They're like fairty tale gangsters even though they do terrible things and terrible things happen to them. Freddie's a monster, Jimmy slowly turns into a monster, Jackie's incredible, Maggie's amazingly put together and... it shows people who don't know how to think in anyway but the way of the mob.

Somehow it never occurs to any of them to go straight. Even though Maggie gets a real job (through an underground connection) they still stay within the power of where they come from. And in that mindset a world is created, and in that world there are angels like Maggie, mortals like Jackie, fallen angels like Jimmy and the monsters like Freddie.


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