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Is there a reason why House is quoting lines from his soaps and Sex and the City as in-depth relationship analysis?

:( Oh, show.

If House is supposed to represent someone who thinks outside the box and essentially has to deal with the rules that ‘reality’ (which is almost always wrong) imposes on him, and Cuddy is the biggest authority figure in his life, trying to accommodate his mad skillz with running a hospital, then they have an interesting tension. He doesn’t accept limitations but he gets the job done; she’s bureaucratic, but she keeps the hospital afloat.

Now the rebel with a cause is establishing a relationship with the authority figure.

In ‘massage therapy’ Cuddy asserted that House’s unwillingness to fire his masseuse-hooker meant that he was keeping her away and didn’t want to be in a serious relationship with her. If he allowed that, how much of the character will be left by the time she plays this card a few more times?

He retaliated that he did want to be serious with her and be involved in the life of her child. That’s… just not House at all.

Now that the vicodin, heavy drinking etc. are gone, hookers were the only vice left; now he can’t hang out with them either. It’s a little weird to bemoan that except they’re stripping the character of all his characteristic vices so he can move to the suburbs, drink wine and raise a baby with his authority figure.

He’s… assimilating. And the relationship they used to have, in which she could take any form of humiliation he threw at her because she’s smart enough to recognize his capabilities in research and pushing forward diagnostic medicine (on top of her latent guilt for betraying him) , make no sense now: she’s sensitive to his barbs, he doesn’t want to hurt her, they’re… a boring little Mr. and Mrs. Diagnostic team.

Essentially, they’ve neutered the pull of the character by pushing him into a gray area. Suddenly it’s not just the puzzle that’s important: he must consider whether or not he’s getting laid (or hurting the woman he’s desperate to be with forever, however you look at it).

While Sherlock hooking up with Inspector Lestrade would have been fun, it would have made it absolutely bizarre: suddenly they both have emotional agendas to deal with and that compromises the quality of their work.

When they destroyed House’s relationship with his authority figure, they basically ruined the show: it simply doesn’t make sense that she would allow him in emotionally with the way he used to behave, and if he changes the way he behaves then he’s no longer the same character. So are they just having one long Huddy wank before they let the show fizzle into nothingness?


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